The Heart of the Game

Mock brand strategy for the WNBA

Thirty years ago, the WNBA redefined basketball. With the creation of a women’s league came a new version of the sport we have all know and love. 

For years, women’s basketball has faced unfair comparisons to the way men play the game. It’s undeniable that the two leagues play basketball differently, but our differences are not hindrances.

The unique strategy, skill, and spirit of women’s basketball is a testament to the heart of the game. At the root of women’s basketball, you’ll find basketball in its purest form. The rawest version of the sport.

The WNBA celebrates women’s basketball for everything that makes it great and challenges the idea men are the mold that women must measure up to. In partnership with NCAA, we’re making a commitment to encourage girls and women all over the world to take pride in their game.

Mock advertisement for the WNBA