“Storytelling isn’t making things up. It’s more like inviting the stories to move through you and let themselves be told.”

Jennifer mcmahon

Once Upon a Time

When I was a little girl, I had my own book series.

Brought to you by the most ambitious six year old of her time, ‘The Princess and the Man” was a bestseller in the Daniel household.

The riveting, four-part series detailed the fantastical and adorably nonsensical adventures of a little brown princess, who coincidentally looked a lot like me. The colorful stories were scribbled in marker and haphazardly stapled together to resemble the books that lined my shelves at home.

For six-year-old me, the stories served as an outlet. A wish. A promise. Thus kickstarting my ongoing, lifelong love affair with creative storytelling.


After six years of working under the guidance of innovative brands and world-class institutions, I’ve learned that authentic messaging comes from recognizing the humanity in all of our experiences. Everyone has a story to tell if you listen closely.

In May of this year, I will graduate with a master’s in public relations and advertising from USC Annenberg, where I have spent the past two years creating innovative brand strategies, advertisements, and campaigns. 


If I have learned anything from my journey, it’s that this world is filled with an infinite amount of beautiful stories and perspectives. The ability to take those perspectives and weave them together to tell stories and incite change is a unique skill — and one that I intend to spend the rest of my life perfecting.