Multimedia Content

CBS Intern Project

In 2019, I competed alongside a stellar team of fellow interns to create the best multimedia story of our cohort for the annual CBS intern competition. Each year, a group of CBS executives objectively vote for the best story, and the winning project is aired on CBSN.

I had the opportunity to pitch that our project idea center on a new law in New Jersey that allowed terminally ill patients to end their lives. After speaking with a relevant advocacy group, I was connected with a terminally-ill woman who may one day use the law to end her life. As a team, we scripted, recorded, and produced the multimedia content that won the annual competition.

Brijea Daniel reports. 

UNC Women in Weights

UNC-Chapel Hill has two on-campus weight rooms for students to weight train, both of which are typically dominated by male students. This can breed feelings of intimidation and isolation for female students who want to strength train but don’t know their way around the weight room. To combat this issue, UNC Campus Recreation created the ‘women in weights’ class — a course taught by women that empowers students to weightlift in male-dominated spaces via education and encouragement.

Brijea Daniel reports.